Ponytails have undeniably become one of the most iconic and sought-after hairstyles in the 21st century, with the timeless allure of the classic Ariana Grande high pony inspiring countless individuals. A sleek and stylish ponytail proves to be an ideal hairstyle for those rushed mornings when time is limited, ensuring you still feel prepared and beautiful for the day ahead. Although the classic ponytail is relatively simple, there are many ways you can take a ponytail and make it your own, whether that’s by adding in a braid or accessorising it. To inspire your own unique twist on this timeless style, we’ve curated a collection of our top ponytail hairstyles.

Our Top Ponytail Hairstyles

As experts in all things hair and hair extensions, we understand how stressful it can be to feel uninspired when it comes to creating a hairstyle or ponytail that suits various occasions. This predicament becomes even more challenging when you discover a style you adore, but your natural hair type doesn’t quite complement it. This is why we recommend you elevate your ponytail game with our premium extensions, designed to enhance your hairstyle, giving you a glamorous and celebrity-ready look! Take a look at our previous article for tips on how to hide hair extensions in very short hair.

High Ponytail Hairstyles

Fortunately for all you gorgeous people out there, the beauty of the high ponytail hairstyle lies in its versatility and adaptability; there are many different styles and directions you can take a typical high pony in. You can use your high ponytail as a canvas for self-expression and tailor it according to your hair texture and thickness! They are one of the easiest hairstyles you can try out on your own hair and are perfect for those hectic mid-morning moments when time is scarce, and your hair needs a quick, stylish fix.

How To Make A High Ponytail

Firstly, although you can use this style anytime, it works best on hair that is not freshly washed or has a bit of dry shampoo. This not only enhances the overall texture but also makes your hair more pliable and easier to style, ensuring a perfectly polished high ponytail.

Brush your hair thoroughly to ensure you have no tangles or knots, as styling tangled hair can cause shark bumps and severe knots when it is time to take it out. Make sure to brush towards the crown of your head. Flip your head over to brush upwards towards the crown for optimal results.

From here, if you’re in need of a little volume, take a comb and tease the hair on your crown slightly, then gather your hair into a ponytail and hold the hair in place at the back of your crown with one hand. Using your other hand and your brush, lightly smooth out any kinks, but only at the top of your head where you teased it.

To complete the look, take a hair bobble and secure it in place; pull the band around the ponytail onto the crown of your head and twist it into a figure of 8, then pull the new loop back through the hair. Repeat this movement until the bobble is snug enough to stay put and your hair doesn’t feel loose.

There you have it, a flawlessly executed, beautiful high ponytail that will effortlessly stay put throughout your busy day, ensuring you can navigate your tasks with both ease and style.

1. ’90s Ponytail

To achieve a stunning ponytail reminiscent of Ariana’s iconic style, we suggest elevating your look with our luxurious and voluminous hair extensions to really elevate this look from 10 to 100.

Once seamlessly fitted, gather your hair up into a high ponytail but section off a small triangle at the front of your head; use this part to fashion a flicked-out side fringe with a straightener and some gel for a timeless charm. Slick back the base of your ponytail with some extra gel and straighten it for a classic, chic look that looks utterly red carpet-ready.

To enhance volume further, we recommend taking some hair from the ponytail and wrapping this around the base of the ponytail where the hair bobble is for an entirely seamlessly integrated and voluminous look. Now, sophisticated and flawless, you are ready for any glamorous occasion.

2. Retro Ponytail

Return to the past with this 60s-inspired swoopy ponytail, this retro look that will undoubtedly dazzle everyone you lock eyes with!

Start by creating a clean and straight side part using a thin comb. From the newly formed portion, take the comb horizontally to the opposite side of your head, securing this section of hair to the side to create the iconic ’60s swoop. Gather the remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure it firmly in place, ensuring a sleek appearance by taming any flyaways with cream or gel.

Consider concealing the hair bobble by taking a section of your ponytail and wrapping it around the base, securing it with pins, then directing your attention back to the side section, smoothing it behind your ear for a seamless appearance. Secure this smoothed section under your ear using bobby pins.

To complete the signature swoop, use a straightener or an electric round brush to curl the ends of your hair outward. This particular technique results in a dazzling 60s-inspired ponytail that effortlessly combines that signature retro charm you were looking for with an undeniable timeless elegance.

3. Slick Back Ponytail

Why not try out one of the most sought-after updo hairstyle trends – a tight, sleek, and almost wet look that beautifully complements and accentuates your facial structure, creating a sculpted and sophisticated appearance?

To achieve this, we recommend a few products, such as hairspray and gel, as this will help you to really lay your hair flat with no kinks or bumps. Start by taking some hairspray to different sections of your hair and brush your hair up all the way up to the middle of your head, right at the top. Use your hands and a small comb to push all the hair perfectly flat on the top of your head with no bumps or loose strands, then secure in place with some latex elastic hair bands to stop your hair from slipping or moving. We also recommend using a wax stick to slick back your hair completely!

From here, you can completely customise the rest of your ponytail, whether you want a completely sleek and straight look by straightening the ends or desire some flair and volume by adding a few loose curls in; the choice is yours! This versatile updo stays on-trend and allows for unique expression, making it a go-to style for a polished and modern appearance.

Ensure you do not use this hairstyle too often, as pulling your hair too tight can cause breakage from the pressure applied to your head, especially if you have hair extensions, as this can damage them. Why not apply some of our oil for hair extensions to act as a protective barrier against damage?

4. Bubble Ponytail

For a contemporary and effortlessly chic look that is bound to have your friends asking for styling tips, try out this bubble-look ponytail that has taken the internet by storm. Although it may look daunting, we promise it is not as difficult as you may think it is!

Begin by bringing your hair up into a high ponytail, with or without a middle parting, and slick it back until you achieve your desired base. Take some styling cream and run that through your ponytail, then take a clear elastic band and go down about 2 inches down your pony, tighten it round as if you are creating another ponytail; repeat this every 2 inches down your hair until you have a few small sections of hair. Lightly pull at the bubbles and puff out each of them until your desired shape and hairspray this in place to prevent any of the bubbles from loosening! This playful and modern ponytail is sure to turn heads while maintaining an approachable and fun charm.

Low Ponytail Hairstyles

Low ponytails are very similar to high ponytails; however, they require less effort if you are just trying a basic low ponytail on your hair and are usually suited better for shorter-haired girls. They are just as versatile, yet are a brilliant way to keep your hair out of your face throughout the day. These are just some of our favourite styles:

5. Low Bow Pony

If you’re searching for a pretty, romantic look, why not consider this chic and gorgeous look with an added bow for extra flair and style?

Start off by pulling back your hair to the bottom of your head, at the base of your neck and secure it here. Make sure not to pull your hair too flat, as we want a bouncy, flowy look instead of a modern, sleek look. You can personalise the rest of your hair, such as adding some large, bouncy curls throughout it, then find an oversized velvet bow and secure this to hide the hair bobble, which allows for a beautiful, timeless look.

This look is fantastic when the hair is clean, thick and healthy, so invest in our hair extensions with our shampoo for hair extensions and conditioner for hair extensions to take this look to the ultimate look!

Ponytail With Bow

6. Low Side Parted

For a distinctive twist on the sleek and modern aesthetic we previously discussed, consider trying out a sleek low ponytail to elevate the drama and infuse a sense of modern elegance into your look.

First off, take a styling cream, run it through your hair and let it dry; you can either air dry or use a hairdryer for a polished finish. From here, choose a parting that suits you best; you can use a side parting for an extra edge or take your comb straight down the middle of your hair for a more classic look. Straighten all of your hair and focus on making the ends as blunt and straight as possible, then bring all of your hair back to the base of your neck and secure it.

If you went for a side parting, then make sure you bring the section all the way back around your head and slick it down with a wax stick or more styling cream. This guarantees a sleek, low ponytail that exudes modern sophistication, creating an effortlessly chic and elegant appearance.

7. Wavy & Textured

For a glamorous and chic look, try out this wavy and texture low ponytail for an easy yet impressive allure!

Make sure you have textured waves in your hair, then start by splitting your hair into two sections, a top and a bottom, then take hairspray and lightly spray the exterior of the bottom section. Delicately brush it into a low ponytail grip; try to position it at the same angle as your jaw for extra strength that sculpts your face. Secure this first ponytail with a hair bobble and move to the top of your head again.

At the crown of your head, aim for a stunning lift, so start by taking horizontal sections and lightly tease the crown area of the hair for some extra texture and volume. Lightly massage the root area and bring the hair back into where the bottom ponytail is, avoiding a sleek pullback for a more natural appearance. Try not to worry about any lumps and bumps; this will contribute to this look’s natural and gorgeous aesthetic. Grab and lift the crown area so it puffs out slightly for some extra volume, then secure the ponytail’s base with another hair bobble.

Go back into the ponytail and split it into two similar sections. Use a brush to push upwards into the grooves of the waves, utilising a backcombing technique that adds texture without appearing tangled. Do the same to the top section to really enhance the ponytail and texturise it. If you’re looking for some extra volume at the front of your head, go in with the tips of your fingers and massage the hairline to relax some baby hairs for a messier look with an effortlessly chic finish.

8. French Twist Pony

Discover the simplicity behind a seemingly intricate hairstyle that not only saves time but also adds a touch of romantic elegance to your look!

First, apply some of our oil for hair extensions to your hands to keep your hair smooth, then tilt your head back and gather all of your hair up into a low ponytail.

Securely hold the ponytail with your left hand, then, with your right hand, grip the base with your palm facing out and thumb on top. Twist the ponytail twice in a clockwise direction with your right hand and bring it down to your neck. Maintain this position with your left hand and fan out the twist to elongate it.

Take a long bobby pin and push it up the twist starting at the bottom of your neck to secure this, then pin the rest of your twist as tightly and close to your head as possible. Use some hairpray to smooth back any flyaways. Voilà! A romantic and pretty hairstyle that is so easy to complete, you can even use some accessories to dress it up to match your style preferences!

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

If you want to jazz up your ponytail, why not consider incorporating a simple braid and creating a chic braided ponytail look? These are fabulous for special occasions and have become a hairstyle that you can find many versions of, allowing you to discover one that perfectly complements your individual taste!

9. Lace Braid Ponytail

Indulge in the charm of a cute boho hairstyle perfect for the refreshing vibes of spring and summer, whether you’re enjoying a picnic with friends or a delightful day out with family!

Part your hair on the side and divide a horizontal section at the front of your hair, which is kept for the braid. If you have layers, you may want to keep the area in front of this for cute side fringe or face-framing pieces. Take the braid section and braid all the way down whilst incorporating new sections and picking up hair all the way along, which makes sure it is secured on your head. Braid down to the top of your ear, and from here, braid the rest of the section normally without bringing in new pieces of hair.

For a romantic and pretty touch, loosen the braid slightly. Gather the remaining hair and pull it back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Add in your braid, along with a section of the front piece of hair, if you kept this to the side. Conceal the hairband with a small section of hair from your ponytail, and there you have it! A beautiful hairstyle that brightens your face but also radiates warmth and summery vibes.

10. Ponytail With French Plait

Fall in love with yet another enchanting and summery hairstyle perfect for weddings and leisurely days out!

Start with second or third-day hair, or add some dry shampoo to the crown of your head for added grip and volume. Alternatively, lightly curl your hair away from your face to enhance texture. Take both hands to the top of your head and create a triangle shape that goes downwards, then completely section this off and tie it with a small elastic. We recommend pulling some pieces out to create some gorgeous texture and clip this up and out of the way.

Place your fingers about an inch down from the last section and trace down to create the same triangle shape. Then secure this and pull out some pieces around the section to create volume. Unclip the first ponytail, split it in half, and bring it down so that the new section is in the middle. Grab the lower ponytail, bring it up and clip it out of the way. Direct your attention to the small bubble you have created and pull at it to fan it out and make it appear fuller.

Repeat these same steps all the way down to the base of your neck, creating multiple swoops and sections that resemble a braid. Once this is finished, gather all the remaining hair and tie it all together to secure it. Touch up your curls in your ponytail, and there you go – a romantic and gorgeous hairstyle that’s perfect for the sunny months!

Your New Ponytail Style Awaits

Now that you know all about our favourite ponytail hairstyles and know exactly how to do them, you should be able to choose your own favourite for a certain occasion and have a go at it! If you’re in need of some longer, luscious hair, consider adding in our hair extensions for added length and strength to really elevate your ponytail game? Remember, ponytails worn too much or for too long can damage your hair, so stay prepared with our products such as our shampoo for hair extensions, conditioner for hair extensions and oil for hair extensions. For more information, contact us now!