Tape Hair Extension Course

Learn the art of transforming client's appearance through tape extensions with the Regal Envy online training academy. The tape hair extension course available is ideal for those who want to introduce a quick and easy extension technique to their list of expertise. Comprehensive professional support will be available at all stages of the course, along with ongoing guidance on completion of training.

Course Price: £399

Course Requirements: NVQ2 and above

Become A Qualified Professional With Our Tape Extensions Course

Boasting one of the quickest application methods, taking as little as one hour for a full head, tape hair extensions are widely known for their complete flexibility. They are ideal for adding instant length and volume to clients with medium to thick hair. Due to the nature of tape hair extensions, they couldn't be more straightforward to fit as all wefts are designed with a thin tape, which is placed directly onto the root. Depending on the thickness of the client's hair, wefts can be fitted individually or doubled-up using a "sandwich-like' technique.

One of the most sought-after features of tape hair extensions is that the tape used is made from a flexible, almost transparent material, meaning that it will blend seamlessly into the client's natural hair. They will then be free to wash, dry and style their extensions just as they would do so their hair, with maintenance appointments required every six weeks.

With tape extensions continuing to grow in popularity, Regal Envy is providing extensionists with the opportunity to learn the art of fitting, maintaining and removing tapes. The tape extension course available has been assessed and accredited by the ABT to ensure the highest quality of training for all students.

Send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in the Regal Envy Tape Hair Extension Course.

Tape Hair Extensions Training Overview

When taking tape hair extensions training with Regal Envy, you will be qualified to an industry standard and become well-versed on how to use a whole host of professional equipment. The course will cover all topics required to begin offering tape hair extensions to your clients, including the following:

  • The history of tape hair extensions and the hair structure
  • Health and safety regulations that you must comply with
  • How to carry out a comprehensive client consultation - this includes colour-matching, spotting contraindications and storing client records
  • Fitting tape hair extensions - this includes sectioning the hair before fitting, distributing wefts, cutting, shaping and blending hair extensions
  • Aftercare advice to give clients and recommended products
  • Essential tasks to complete during maintenance appointments - this includes repositioning tape, how to troubleshoot problems and tackle any issues that clients may experience
  • How to safely remove tape hair extensions without damaging the client's natural hair
  • How to introduce the new service - this includes promoting your business, maintaining a professional first impression and pricing new services

Avialble Training Dates

Training Date
Tape - Level 1 January
Tape - Level 2 March
Tape - Level 3 May
Tape - Level 1 July
Tape - Level 2 September
Tape - Level 3 November

Offering You A Wealth Of Benefits

Having worked in the hair extension industry for several years, Regal Envy recognises what it takes to provide an outstanding level of customer service. Each course has been put together to offer fellow professionals with the opportunity to take the next steps of their career without any restrictions. When joining the Regal Envy academy, along with your course, you'll also get the following:

  • Marketing materials to help you to grow your business
  • The chance to become a Regal Envy stockist
  • Stock at an exclusive discounted price
  • Opportunity to work with brand ambassadors
  • Comprehensive professional support during and after training
  • A qualification certified by the ABT

Student Testimonial

A huge thank you to Regal Envy for helping me to take the next steps in my career! I've trained at many different academies in the past but can safely say that Regal Envy has most definitely been the best. Most other companies forget about you the moment that you qualify, but Regal Envy continues to provide you with so much support which I've found so helpful. I'm still in contact with them and have used their stock at my salon ever since!

  • Amira Barker
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