Hair Treatments

Maintain your locks with a collection of hair treatments suitable for hair extensions of all types. Hair care products have been specifically designed for keeping volume and shine in your hair extensions. From shampoos and conditioners to natural hair products, you can protect your hair extensions, making them look and feel healthy.


Hair Care

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  • Hair Extensions Shampoo
    Hair Extensions Shampoo As low as £0.00
    Out of stock
  • Clarifying Shampoo 
    Clarifying Shampoo  As low as £11.99
  • Hair Extensions Conditioner
    Hair Extensions Conditioner As low as £11.99
  • Leave In Protein Spray 
    Leave In Protein Spray  As low as £13.99
  • Extension Boost 
    Extension Boost  As low as £14.99
  • Argan Oil Hair Treatment 
    Argan Oil Hair Treatment  As low as £14.99

6 Items

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