LA Weave Extensions Training

Whether you are beginning a new business venture or hoping to further your career, Regal Envy is on hand to offer unique opportunities to grow in your profession. The comprehensive LA Weave hair extensions training covers all topics required to introduce this popular new service to your clients.

Course Price: £399

Course Requirements: NVQ2 and above

What Is The LA Weave?

The LA Weave is a super innovative way to transform your client's locks, combining various techniques to maximise results. Unlike a traditional weave which utilises tight braids that can often cause tension on the client's scalp, instead, wefts are meticulously sewn into sections of the hair. These are then carefully secured into place using rows of silicone-lined micro rings, allowing you to achieve added length and volume while protecting your client's natural hair.

Send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in the Regal Envy LA Weave Hair Extension Course. Our trainers have been taught by the creator of the LA Weave, meaning that you have complete peace of mind that you will receive the best of the best.

What You Will Learn

There are a number of topics which will be covered during your training, all of which will help to make you feel confident to begin offering LA Weave hair extensions to your clients. The course will guide you through all stages of the client journey, from the initial consultation, all the way through to their maintenance appointments and the removal of their extension. Inside each of these stages will be specific topics, such as:

  • Health and safety practices
  • Key contraindications
  • Colour-matching wefts
  • Collecting and storing client records
  • Complying with industry regulations
  • Sectioning the hair and evenly distributing wefts
  • Cutting, shaping and blending extensions
  • Tasks to complete during maintenance appointments
  • Resolving client issues

Avialble Training Dates

Training Date
LA Weave - Level 1 February
LA Weave - Level 2 April
LA Weave - Level 3 June
LA Weave - Level 1 August
LA Weave - Level 2 October
LA Weave - Level 3 December

Benefits Of LA Weave Extension Training

Expanding your knowledge and learning a new skill comes alongside a wealth of benefits, even more so when taking training with a reputable academy. The Regal Envy training academy provides clients with ongoing support both throughout and after their course is complete through the following:

  • As part of your course, you will be guided through additional topics such as how to promote your business, creating a professional image and pricing new services.
  • On completion of your course, you will become a member of the academy, which means that you will be given full access to both the Regal Envy marketing resources and product stock.
  • Even months or years after you have achieved your qualification, Regal Envy will be on hand to provide guidance should you decide to take the next steps in your career or want to take on extra training courses.
  • You will be given the opportunity to become a stockist, meaning you will get all stock at an exclusive discounted price, get a first look at all new products and have the chance to work with brand ambassadors.

Student Testimonial

If anyone is looking to train in a new hair extension method, then I would most definitely recommend Regal Envy! The courses are super easy to follow, and learning is made so much more enjoyable knowing that I'm in safe hands. I took my course around a year ago and still use Regal Envy for all of my supplies, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

  • Rhianna Horton
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