Mesh Integration training

Learn how to create, install and maintain bespoke mesh integration systems with our accredited, in-person training course. Ideal for those experiencing hair loss and thinning, these innovative hair pieces can completely transform the confidence of your clients.

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Course Price: £1495

Course Requirements: NVQ2 and above

What Is Mesh Integration?

Designed to mask moderate to severe hair loss and thinning, mesh integration systems combine a breathable mesh with colour-matched hair extensions for discreet, natural results. The mesh is placed at the root of the hair, over the scalp, meaning your client's natural hair will not need to be cut or shaved and will not be damaged. Small pieces of hair are then fed through the mesh and gently fitted with individual extensions.

Mesh integration systems are hugely popular amongst those who have Alopecia, have recently been through chemotherapy or are experiencing hereditary baldness. It is an excellent technique to add to your toolbox of hair extension services and allows you to really make a positive impact on your clients' lives.

What Does Our Training Include?

Our mesh integration course will arm you with the skills, knowledge and resources you need to introduce this in-demand service to your business. Taught in person, you will always have the opportunity to ask questions and practice your new techniques. You will also learn:

  • How to conduct a client consultation specific to mesh integration
  • How to create a bespoke mesh integration system (i.e. how to colour-match hair extensions)
  • How to determine the correct placement for the system
  • How to apply the mesh and hair using different techniques
  • How to blend the system into the client's hair (i.e. cutting and styling)
  • How to maintain and remove a mesh integration system
  • Aftercare advice and recommended products to give to clients
  • How to handle and overcome potential complications

Available Training Dates

Training Date
Mesh Integration January
Mesh Integration March
Mesh Integration July
Mesh Integration November

We Offer More Than Just Training

At Regal Envy, we care about the success of our students. That's why we not only teach you how to create, install and maintain mesh integration systems but also how to make your business thrive. Along with support from highly experienced, award-winning hair extensionists, we also offer the following benefits:

  • Get access to premium stock at an exclusive discounted price
  • Become a Regal Envy stockist and generate extra income
  • Have the opportunity to work with our brand ambassadors
  • Receive ongoing support beyond your training course
  • Take advantage of marketing materials to take your business to the next level

Student Testimonial

If anyone is looking to train in a mesh integration method, then I would most definitely recommend Regal Envy! The courses are super easy to follow, and learning is made so much more enjoyable knowing that I'm in safe hands. I took my course around a year ago and still use Regal Envy for all of my supplies, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

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