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Boar Bristle Brush

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Designed to keep your locks silky smooth without putting pressure on the roots, our Regal Envy boar bristle brush is a must-have in your hair care collection. With soft, flexible fibres, this brush will gently remove knots, thoroughly detangling and helping to style the hair while helping to minimise breakages. It is perfect for both natural locks and extensions, able to be used on dry and wet hair, gliding effortlessly for a sleek finish.

For The Perfect Detangling

  • Separate the hair into sections, being particularly gentle if your hair is wet
  • Begin brushing the hair starting from the bottom and working your way up
  • Keep working your way up the hair until you can brush from root to ends without becoming caught in any knots
  • For a silky, smooth look, finish by brushing in downwards strokes
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